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Logtrail allows you to analyse logs and metrics as they are written to the log file in near real-time. Identify and troubleshoot issues, visualise trends and isolate high-severity events easily. Eliminate the need to tail log files across distributed servers and devices with our centralised developer-friendly user interface.

As the leading managed ELK platform, is also home to many of the essential plugins for using the Elastic Stack, including hosted Logtrail for Kibana log viewing. Our managed ELK platform with a built-in Logtrail integration enables you to easily search, filter and define the log events that matter to your organisation as data live streams from your system infrastructure.

Note: As of version 7.11 of the Elastic Stack Logtrail is not currently available. If you wish to keep using Logtrail to tail your logs you may continue doing so on any older stacks created on version 7.10 or below of the Elastic Stack. If you have any questions about this change please feel free to get in contact with support via live chat.


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The Leading Kibana Live Tailer

Logtrail was introduced in 2016 for the purpose of tailing log files to provide the user with improved capabilities to view, analyse and search log data all within Kibana in a single centralised logging platform. It is a far more powerful version of the familiar tail command (tail -f) in Linux.

Logtrail can be used to tail for errors after deployment as a best practise that makes reproducing errors for debugging far less of a hassle when monitoring new code performance in production environments. Developers and IT leaders using LogTrail find it is a highly user-friendly way of presenting log events in one aggregated view. Live tailing updates every ten seconds automatically, making it ideal for near real-time log file reading.

Identify Issues Across Security System Applications

Analyse live logs in a single unified platform with’s log management and cloud monitoring platform and improve error reporting across your organisation. If you’re concerned about the activity undertaken by IPs accessing your web server, log tailing allows you to identify these problematic users fast and track their sessions.

Our Live Tailing feature even allows you to apply filters automatically in the event that you’re looking for security instances meeting specific criteria fast. Easily filter by programs, hosts and view highlighted search matches and add custom colour coding of log messages based on their field value & log level.

security and authentication
Logstash Filter EditorLogstash Filter Editor

Support For Elasticsearch Index Patterns Included

LogTrail allows you to use numerous Elasticsearch index patterns with a variety of different schemas all of which are fully supported by the platform. The functionality of these can be extended through the addition of custom fields to your log event.

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use

"Internally, has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses"

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

Youredi testimonial

"One thing is certain when operating in the startup space, a strict budget. Before we make any purchase decision to use a SaaS Log Management platform, we need to validate the benefits of the platform and more importantly the team behind the platform.'s customer support team stood out. Right from the beginning, the team was there to answer questions and walk us through the process."

Ioannis Sintos, Co-Founder & CIO - Uizard

Uizard testimonial offers our company an excellent solution of ingesting our logs, we recently had to do quite a few updates on the platform since the previous service owner in our company left and didn't want to do them, was of great assistance throughout the whole process.

Thierry Gysin, Co-Founder & CIO - Ringier

Ringier testimonial

Search By Time, Contents and Origin

If you know the date or time on which a specific issue occurred, the Logtrail plugin for Kibana can be used to seek results from the exact time and date, allowing you to isolate instances based on when you’ve known them to occur.

The command default_time_range_in_days, can be used to limit a search to return only events that occurred within a specified time range.

Kibana overview

Preconfigured data source integrations

Migrate data fast from your favourite programming languages, platforms and services including Amazon Web Services,Google Cloud Platform, Python, and Docker as well as Azure logging.

View all of’s third-party integrationsgo

Installing and Configuring Logtrail

To install & launch Logtail on your current version of Kibana requires knowing the exact version of the latest release of Logtrail as well as manually updating your version of ELK with each new release.

Luckily with our hosted ELK solution you don’t don’t need to worry about configuring this in-house as our engineers have already seamlessly integrated Logtrail ready to launch as soon as you’ve hosted your first ELK stack on our platform.

Installation tutorial
multistack ELKmultistack ELK

Hosted ELK Built For Log Tailing

The SaaS platform saves your teams from spending vital time maintaining ELK infrastructure and gets you closer to making data-driven decisions in minutes once your Stacks are rapidly provisioned. Experience the power of's SaaS platform through an OpenSearch demo , enabling you to see how you can swiftly shift from infrastructure maintenance to data-driven decision-making within minutes of provisioning your Stacks.

All Stacks benefit from featuring highly available Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana, alongside all of the integrations from Elastic’s open-source family of Beats.Discover more about the ELK stacksgo

Real-time Alerting and Notifications

As well as real-time analysis through Logtrail you can also configure powerful alerts directly from your dashboard using Elasticsearch queries. These alerts can be set on a variety of pre-configured conditions for additional security reporting, with the option of free text configurations that you can tailor to bespoke specifications.

Our platform’s rich reporting features mean errors and incidents can be easily shared with the rest of your team with our integrations for Jira and Slack.

Discover more about alertinggo

Engineer Led Support’s engineers are here to help you get started with implementing ELK. Our team’s knowledge of the Elastic Stack is built from years of experience of running enterprise level infrastructure for DevOps and SysAdmins.

Our platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is host to a responsive live chat, email and a regularly maintained Help Centre full of all of the resources you need to get on board fast.

ISO27001 Certified’s Commitment To Security

The platform with integrated log tailing operates in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and SOC2. Additionally we are also a PCI compliant service provider. We guarantee to uphold the security of your data as this is the number one consideration in everything we do. is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and is independently audited.

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