For individuals looking to try out Logit for small projects.

$49per month

for 1GB per day

with 7 days retention

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For teams and businesses with growing logging and metric needs.

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1GB - 250GB per day

14 - 365 days retention

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For larger teams and enterprises that need all-inclusive, customisable logging and metrics.

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250GB - 15TB per day

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Included features

Basic Professional Enterprise
Logs Per Day Up to 1GB 1GB - 250GB 250GB - 15TB+
Retention Period 7 Days 14 - 365 Days Custom
ELK Stack Single Unlimited Unlimited
Users Single Unlimited Unlimited
Search and Filtering
Stack Version Management
Elasticsearch Cluster
Elasticsearch API
Custom Visualisations and Dashboards
Saved Searches
Integrations (Slack, Pagerduty, etc)
Preconfigured Log/Metric Collection
Custom Log/Metric Collection
Over-usage Protection
Preconfigured Logstash Parsing
Custom Logstash Parsing
Email Login
Social Identity Providers (Google, Github)
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Help Centre
Role Based Access Control
Index Snapshots
Chat Support
Priority Support
Audit Log
ISO 27001 Compliance
Single Sign On (SSO) using LDAP, AD and SAML
Custom SLA
Dedicated Account Manager

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What happens at the end of my trial?

Your stacks will be automatically deleted and all associated data sent will be removed.

Do I need to add payment details to sign up for a trial?

No, and the first 14 days are completely free.

What happens if I go over the daily volume limit specified in the plan?

Professional and Enterprise accounts include overusage protection and auto scale to ensure that your data will be captured even if you exceed your plan level. You may exceed your plan level by up to 100% on any three days in a rolling 30 day period. If this is exceeded, you will be asked to resize your stack to prevent data loss. If you have highly variable log volumes, contact us to discuss your needs.

What happens if I don't know my daily log volume?

Your stack usage dashboard page displays your daily log volume. You can use this, along with an estimate of the percentage of logs that you have sent us.

Does Logit offer annual subscription plans?

Yes. Logit's annual plans provide a discount in return for a prepayment of fees for the year. Contact us for more information.

When can I change my plan?

You can change your plan level at any time. All plans are prepaid for the month, and any increases will be pro rata for the remaining days in the month. You can make changes from your dashboard or contact us to help you find the right plan for your needs.

What billing options do you support?

Monthly Basic and Professional accounts require a valid payment card on account. For Enterprise or prepaid plans, we offer a range of payment options.

Is the free trial fully-featured?

Yes, the free trial gives you access to all of the Professional features.

Are there any limits to how much data I can send during my trial?

No, there are no daily volume or data retention limits on the free trial.