Hosted Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana (ELK Stack) Pricing

Eliminate up to 80% of the costs associated with supporting growing volumes of log data and maintaining the optimisation of the ELK (Elastic) Stack with Figure out how much you could save by using our Elastic Stack pricing calculator.

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The platform provides everything you need to launch production ready Elastic Stacks and gain complete infrastructure observability:

  • Includes Metrics As Well As Logs
  • GDPR, SOC2 & ISO27001 Compliant
  • Centralised Log Management
  • Hosted & Managed ELK
  • Over 100 Integrations
  • No Data Egress Fees
  • Scales As You Grow
  • Zero Vendor Lock-In
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If you require enterprise-level log management features, such as custom retention, advanced service level agreements (SLAs), or want to find out more about how we ensure the security and compliance of your data then feel free to reach out to us using the form below and a member of our team will respond shortly.

priority support

Priority ELK Stack support from our team of senior Elasticsearch engineers & log management specialists.

account manager

Dedicated account manager to ensure seamless onboarding for your teams.

Customisable SLAs

Customisable SLAs & platform availability SLAs up to 99.999%.

custom stacks

Custom ELK stacks hardware configurations including dedicated, physically separated hardware and non-shared environments.

retention periods

Retention periods that can be tailored to your log data volumes for additional flexibility.

Key Features

  • Open Platform - Complete Open Source Apache licence ELK
  • Real-time Alerting and Notifications, including Webhooks, PagerDuty, Opsgenie, Slack and more
  • Authentication options including SSO, SAML, Google, Azure, Github, Email and more
  • Highly Available Elasticsearch Stack instances
  • Multi-factor authentication/Two Factor Authentication 2FA
  • Support for AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Containerisation and on-premise
  • Managed Open Distro
  • Open Distro Security
  • Highly Available Hosted Kibana
  • SOC 2 & PCI Compliant Service Provider
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Multi Region US, UK and EMEA Data Centres
  • Enterprise uptime SLAs available to 99.999%
  • Multi-Stack Side by Side ELK Stacks
  • Customisable Logstash pipelines
  • Automatic Elastic Index creation
  • Pre-Configured Logstash Filters
  • Kibana Read Only Role
  • Dashboard Read Only Role
  • Kibana Notebooks
  • Kibana Multi-Tenancy
  • Log Management
  • Container Monitoring
  • DevOps Analytics
  • In-Place Version Upgrades
  • Automated Index Curation
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Fully Managed Upgrade Paths
  • High availability across zones
  • Dedicated master nodes
  • Metrics as a Service (MaaS)
  • ELK as a Service
  • Logging as a Service (LaaS)
  • Log Analysis
  • Log Viewer
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Cloud Monitoring Platform

Cloud Monitoring Platform

  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud MonitoringHybrid & Multi Cloud Monitoring
  • Highly Available Cloud ElasticsearchHighly Available Cloud Elasticsearch
  • Highly Available Cloud LogstashHighly Available Cloud Logstash
  • Highly Available Cloud KibanaHighly Available Cloud Kibana
  • In-Place Version UpgradesIn-Place Version Upgrades
  • Fully Managed Upgrade PathsFully Managed Upgrade Paths
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Elasticsearch Stack Management

Elasticsearch Stack Management

  • Open Distro for Elasticsearch SQLOpen Distro for Elasticsearch SQL
  • Export Elasticsearch Queries To CSVExport Elasticsearch Queries To CSV
  • Scheduled PDF and CSV ReportingScheduled PDF and CSV Reporting
  • Scheduled Dashboard ReportingScheduled Dashboard Reporting
  • Inverted Indexes for Fast SearchingInverted Indexes for Fast Searching
  • Document Store for Unstructured Data TypesDocument Store for Unstructured Data Types
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  • Infrastructure MonitoringInfrastructure Monitoring
  • Multi Node Clusters for resilienceMulti Node Clusters for resilience
  • Highly Available ArchitectureHighly Available Architecture
  • Lighting Fast NVMe SSD by defaultLighting Fast NVMe SSD by default
  • Cross Index SearchingCross Index Searching
  • Automatic Node RebalancingAutomatic Node Rebalancing
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Security & Authentication

Security & Authentication

  • Role-based access control (RBAC)Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Read Only Kibana Access RoleRead Only Kibana Access Role
  • Read Only Dashboard Access RoleRead Only Dashboard Access Role
  • Data Encryption At RestData Encryption At Rest
  • Enhanced Audit LogEnhanced Audit Log
  • Index Level RestrictionsIndex Level Restrictions
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Stack Management & Resilience

Stack Management & Resilience

  • Multi-Stack MonitoringMulti-Stack Monitoring
  • Self Healing Stack InstancesSelf Healing Stack Instances
  • Custom Retention Policies on requestCustom Retention Policies on request
  • Automatic Stack Issue Escalation to EngineersAutomatic Stack Issue Escalation to Engineers
  • Stack Status Updates and NotificationsStack Status Updates and Notifications
  • Automatic Stack Health DashboardAutomatic Stack Health Dashboard
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Alerting & Notifications

Alerting & Notifications

  • Highly Available AlertingHighly Available Alerting
  • Real-time Alerting and Notifications, including Webhooks, PagerDuty, Slack and moreReal-time Alerting and Notifications, including Webhooks, PagerDuty, Slack and more
  • Built-In Alerting across StacksBuilt-In Alerting across Stacks
  • Version Controlled Alert ConfigurationsVersion Controlled Alert Configurations
Data Source Integrations

Data Source Integrations

  • Amazon AWS
    • Amazon AWS CloudwatchAmazon AWS Cloudwatch
    • Amazon AWS Billing/PricingAmazon AWS Billing/Pricing
    • Amazon AWS SNSAmazon AWS SNS
    • Amazon EC2Amazon EC2
    • Amazon LambdaAmazon Lambda
    • Amazon KinesisAmazon Kinesis
    • Amazon Kubernetes MetricsAmazon Kubernetes Metrics
    • CloudFrontCloudFront
    • CloudTrailCloudTrail
    • ELB ApplicationELB Application
    • ELB ClassicELB Classic
    • RDSRDS
    • S3S3
    • VPC Flow LogsVPC Flow Logs
  • Microsoft Azure
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Hosted Logstash

Hosted Logstash

  • Highly Available Hosted LogstashHighly Available Hosted Logstash
  • Customisable Logstash pipelinesCustomisable Logstash pipelines
  • Pre-Configured Logstash FiltersPre-Configured Logstash Filters
  • Pre-Configured Logtstash ParsingPre-Configured Logtstash Parsing
  • Data tranforms with hosted LogstashData tranforms with hosted Logstash
  • Centralised Logstash Pipeline ManagementCentralised Logstash Pipeline Management
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  • Full Open Stack Elasticsearch APIFull Open Stack Elasticsearch API
  • Snapshot/restore APISnapshot/restore API
  • Index Management APIIndex Management API
  • Data Ingestion APIData Ingestion API
  • API Keys ManagementAPI Keys Management
  • Kibana ConsoleKibana Console
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  • Fully Managed In Place Upgrades with EngineersFully Managed In Place Upgrades with Engineers
  • Full Stack Monitoring by EngineersFull Stack Monitoring by Engineers
  • Automatic Stack Issue Escalation to EngineersAutomatic Stack Issue Escalation to Engineers
  • Fully Audited User Access ReportingFully Audited User Access Reporting
  • Grant Access to Account and Stacks for Engineers - No Data Access By DefaultGrant Access to Account and Stacks for Engineers - No Data Access By Default
  • Support coverageSupport coverage
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