Whether you're a software engineer or systems administrator, you'll likely rely on log data for reporting, troubleshooting & root cause analysis if your applications or production environments aren't working as expected.

Without a tool like hosted Kibana you may quickly find that tailing logs & getting a grasp on the overall health of your systems to be extremely time-consuming & tedious to manage in line with a growing business.

Logit’s hosted Kibana & Kibana as-a-Service platform eliminates the need to build self hosted Elastic Stacks and enables you to start building informative reporting dashboards within minutes of registering.

Launch fully isolated, secure, and compliant Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana Stacks in minutes with our centralised log management platform.

hosted Kibana dashboardshosted Kibana dashboards

What is Kibana?

Kibana is an open-source visualisation and reporting dashboard developed in 2013 by Rashid Khan of the Elastic Company. Alongside Elasticsearch, Logstash & Beats it forms a core part of the Elastic Stack.

Kibana allows users to produce visualisations from a variety of data inputs & can create pie charts, heat maps, line graphs and scatter plots to reflect data in an easily digestible format.

Being able to view data in this way makes reporting events and vital metrics to key stakeholders more efficient.

Kibana has many capabilities beyond log management as it can be used just as effectively for processing big data for business analytics reporting, cloud monitoring & operational intelligence.

Why Use Hosted/Managed Kibana?

Setting up Kibana from the ground up can become tedious to upgrade and scale in line with data complexities that inevitably arise as your business grows.

Logit provides fully managed hosted Kibana, allowing you to start visualising your data within minutes of creating a stack, instead of costing hours of your engineers time spent on hosting, configuring and upgrading to the latest version Kibana every few months.

We are happy to offer free in place platform upgrades to ensure that you can spend more time exploring and visualising your data, instead of on maintenance to ensure your data analysis platform performs as expected.

All Logit users benefit from being able to use highly available Kibana for lightning fast big data analysis due to our infrastructure being supported by the latest NVMe SSDs. NVMe provides a querying response times of up to 10x faster than comparable logging platforms using standard SSDs.

Our use of the latest networking technology means that we can process petabytes of data more efficiently and affordably than typical inhouse systems.

hosted and managed Kibanahosted and managed Kibana

Extensive configuration guides & integrations

Parse, process and ingest large volumes of logs and metrics from a variety of programming languages, servers and tools you use daily with Logit.io’s ready made configuration guides.

Our guides are updated regularly and our team are continuously adding new sources to the wizard.

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Visualisations and Dashboards

Hosted Kibana makes it easy to transform your unstructured data into impressive dashboards, reports and data visualisations.

Interactive Kibana dashboards make sharing insights with colleagues simple for improved cross team collaboration.

Kibana stacksKibana stacks

Live Tail For Real Time Log Viewing

Say goodbye to manually using the tail-F command with our built in live tailing extension for Kibana. Live tail can be used to discover errors after deployment for debugging & continued monitoring of the performance of new code within your production environment.

Discover more about live tailing with Logtrailgo

Compliance & Security

Bring together all of your log data in a single centralised platform to ensure compliance.

Reduce siloing of your user data with hosted Kibana & reduce time spent gathering metrics across distributed systems with Logit.io.

Simplify compliance and audit cycles, search, analyse and report on your compliance and audit datasets to demonstrate continuous compliance.

Build flexible dashboards and automate reporting to enable compliance with ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR.

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compliance and securitycompliance and security
expert help and support

Expert Support and Onboarding

Logit’s engineers are here to help you get started with implementing Kibana and the rest of the ELK stack.

Our knowledge of the ELK Stack is built from years of experience of running enterprise level infrastructure for organisations around the world.

Hosted Kibana As Part of ELK As A Service

When the combined power of Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana are centralised it hugely streamlines the process of business decision-making across industries ranging from eCommerce & app development through to media & logistics.

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You're in good company

Benefits Of Hosted Kibana

  • High Availability Kibana
  • Inverted indexes for faster search querying
  • Auto Scaling Kibana, Logstash & Elasticsearch
  • Expert Engineer led Support
  • Version Control
  • Fully compliant platform
  • Custom retention periods
  • BKD Trees for Geo Data
  • Automatic Elastic Index creation
  • Instance balancing
  • Resource scaling & management
  • Upgrades & Support for Multiple versions of Elasticsearch
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