Increase your Server Manager’s & Security team’s ability to manage Apache logs and metrics to meet security, compliance and data analysis goals with and say goodbye to having to resort to manually searching through thousands of logs.

Traditionally teams often resort to using methods such as Grep to troubleshoot Apache errors, this can quickly prove ineffective when your logs are located across a distributed environment.

Our platform allows you to troubleshoot your Apache server logs efficiently by providing a unified source of truth for not only your Apache logs but for all of your server, network and system logs, enabling you to conduct faster anomaly detection, visualise traversed paths and set up alerts to notify your team when errors are encountered.

The majority of typical Apache log viewers are not built for scalability and subsequently do not provide support to ensure the platform is consistently fast as your log input increases. As well as delivering on all these essential requirements, also doesn’t lock in your data, so if you need to export your Apache logs for long term cold storage in S3 then this is fully supported by our platform.

Unlike other log viewers and log management systems, does not charge separately for metrics storage and monitoring. Metrics are included alongside logs across all of our plans.

Apache Log & Metrics Viewing Made Easy

Parse, process and format Apache logs and metrics using Hosted Logstash for automatic logging and forwarding. Once your Apache data has been processed using Logstash, this data can be used to create intuitive reporting dashboards within minutes.

If your Apache monitoring needs go beyond our 14 day trial then you’ll be glad to know that our platform is significantly more cost effective than other log management platforms which do not provide affordable SLAs or offer generous discounts on their annual subscription plans ( offer 20% off any annual subscription + including metrics as well as logs).

Our platform UI allows you to edit your Logstash and Firewall filters, configure alerts and notifications from scratch (or use our example alerting presets) and invite the rest of your team without ever needing to leave the platform.’s Apache log file viewer and analyser forms just a fraction of our wider log management platform, built to handle complex log data sets from hundreds of platforms, servers and external services.

Our platform takes the best attributes from the open-source tools, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana & Beats to bring managed Elastic Stack hosting with all of the capabilities needed for security and analysis with none of the overheads associated with on-premise ELK.

Apache Log And Metrics ReportApache Log And Metrics Report

Pre-built Apache Integrations

Our ready to go integrations allow you to ship Apache error and access logs as well as Apache HTTPD server and ZooKeeper metrics.

If in the event you require an additional integration that you can’t see in our source integrations list then feel free to reach out to our team as they’ll be happy to help you send your logs via Logstash or Filebeat.

Monitor, Report & Tail Apache Logs

When it comes to effectively monitoring log files created by Apache it is important to know which log types to prioritise monitoring and the reasons behind your selection.

There are two types of log files created by Apache’s HTTP Server, these are Access Logs & Error Logs.

Access logs record all requests that are processed by the Apache Web Server while Error logs capture a record of all errors encountered. Apache access logs can be used to obtain vital data related to your site’s visitors including page views, unique visits, browsing patterns and IP address distribution, these insights all prove essential when it comes to performing business analytics.

If you need to conduct root cause analysis to discover why your web server isn’t performing as expected then the Error logs will be the first place you should be analysing. Within Apache’s error logs, most users have to resort to traditional command line prompts such as “grep”, “sed” and “cat” to discover errors. By using this manual process can be avoided entirely as errors can be visualised within our Kibana as a Service platform.

Our platform enables centralised monitoring of all Apache logs so that users can pinpoint the origin of 404 errors, suspicious traffic patterns and additionally offers Live Tail to expedite real time identification of issues before they can become much larger problems in need of resolution.

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