Gain complete visibility of your infrastructure using open source ELK monitoring tools and reduce your Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR.) provides a single platform view, enabling you to monitor multiple sources from across your entire infrastructure in just a few steps.

Very often users of some of the biggest monitoring services don’t know how much they are going to be billed upfront due to added fees and complex pricing calculators. aims to be different as one of the few log & metrics solutions that operates with transparency as a priority. users are not faced with hidden charges as part of their billing. Any additional services (such as cold storage and archiving) have their pricing clearly communicated before they are implemented. also supports open data transference for the convenience of our users that wish to export their logs to complimentary third party services. As a result of this, we do not levy data egress fees unlike many other SaaS providers, nor do our users have to deal with the difficulties associated with vendor lock-in.

  • Proactive

    Proactively React

    Correlate your infrastructure metrics to gain deeper insights, detect faults and reduce downtime.

  • Unified

    Unified Monitoring

    All your data is natively correlated to your infrastructure to reduce context switching and enable more efficient data analysis.

  • Visibility

    Complete Visibility

    Reduce outages and alert on hotspots and spikes from a wide range of sources across your organisation.

  • Scalable

    Scalable Infrastructure

    Capture the metrics you need and search petabyte-scale data at incredible speeds.

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What is Infrastructure Monitoring?

Infrastructure monitoring is vital for internal IT teams to conduct so that they can more easily maintain the health of components including networks, servers, computer hardware, storage and data centres.

To monitor the performance of your full technology stack you will need a solution that can monitor private, public and hybrid cloud environments for effective event correlation.

Ideally, your chosen IT infrastructure monitoring platform should collect and analyse log and metrics data from the entire IT infrastructure so that you can identify key insights, make proactive decisions and drive value creation that impacts the entirety of your organisation.

Automatically monitor and set alerts across your whole infrastructure, including cloud, containers, virtual machines, servers, storage and networks with

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring:

  • Automate collection of infrastructure data
  • Increase your error response time
  • Reduce system outages
  • Transparent pricing
  • Intelligent alerting
  • No vendor lock-in
  • No data egress
  • monitoring infrastructuremonitoring infrastructure
    Source Wizard OverviewSource Wizard Overview

    Preconfigured Integrations

    Automate the collection of infrastructure metrics from across your organisation with our optimised and regularly maintained data source integrations.

    Send unlimited volumes from application monitors and network devices to our cloud-based platform in real-time, using lightweight data shipping tools including Metricbeat, Heartbeat, and Filebeat .

    Aggregate and centralise the entirety of your data into a single database so that you can easily sort, query and create intuitive reporting dashboards using a wealth of different visualisations.

    View all of our source integrationsgo

    Custom Processing Pipelines

    Our Logstash pipelines can be configured to automatically collect and enhance your infrastructure performance metrics.

    Our hosted Logstash solution makes it easier than ever for IT organizations to send data to Kibana for the detection of possible security breaches as part of our SIEM as a Service solution.

    Existing templates make it easy to send data from hundreds of common integrations with custom pipelines available for enhanced server and network analysis.

    Kibana OverviewKibana Overview

    Dashboards and Visualisations

    Monitoring data in Kibana allows your IT teams to inspect and correlate your server performance metrics in real-time.

    Our highly available Kibana dashboards give you the ability to visualise infrastructure data in a meaningful format, giving your teams complete observability across the performance and networking monitoring events that matter to your business.

    Using detailed visualisations can also help you to improve the visibility of high priority events, signs of security breaches and identify further opportunities for improvement.

    To start exploring what Kibana can do for you why not explore our Kibana demo to find out more.

    You're in good company

    Ringier testimonial

    "Shortly after deploying, we were able to show the results and impact. The speed at which we were able to deploy the solution was phenomenal. The ELK stack was providing results from very early on.

    We can now better understand our security measures and our network. Our decisions can be made with data to back them up. We have a better understanding of the health of our systems."

    IT Security Officer - Ringier

    Real-time Alerting and Notifications

    Alert on the application performance and server instances that are mission-critical to operational security directly from our dashboard using existing Elasticsearch queries.

    Receive alerts on performance issues, network traffic and thresholds in Slack and Jira as well as many other leading ticketing and collaboration tools

    Discover more about alertinggo
    Container Infrastructure

    IT Infrastructure Monitoring

    Our infrastructure monitoring is built for IT leaders using a variety of popular integrations including Amazon Web Services, Google GCP and is also well suited for Microsoft Azure log analysis.

    Instantly monitor your Kubernetes and Docker infrastructure using Elasticsearch and Kibana.

    Aggregate the data that matters in a single source of truth with our network and server monitoring tool.

    Security and Compliance’s infrastructure monitoring tool is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and is built to meet GDPR, HIPAA and SOC2 compliance throughout all our operations. Additionally we are also a PCI compliant service provider. The security and privacy of your data are always priorities at the heart of our platform’s and company level decisions.

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