The Kibana as a Service platform eliminates the need for your engineers to build & maintain a self hosted Elastic Stack. The platform allows you to get started using Kibana within minutes of registering after creating your first Stack.

Improve your time to market and revolutionize your reporting capabilities with completely managed Kibana built on hosted ELK with the platform.

It is a common occurance that users of other ELK backed solutions don’t know how much they are going to be billed each month due to added fees and confusing pricing calculators. aims to be the difference as one of the few log management platforms that operates with transparency as a priority. users aren’t faced with hidden charges as part of their billing and any additional services (such as cold storage and archiving) have their pricing clearly communicated prior to their implementation.

Our platform is not only built with transparency in mind as we also support open data transference for users that wish to export their logs to complimentary third party services. As a result of this, we do not levy data egress fees unlike many other SaaS providers, nor do our users have to deal with the difficulties associated with vendor lock-in.

What is KibanaWhat is Kibana

What is Kibana?

Kibana is an open source user interface for data visualisation, exploration and detailed reporting. Kibana forms a key part of both the ELK & Elastic Stack alongside Elasticsearch and commonly used in association with Logstash.

The most common use case for Kibana is log analysis as it can easily use unstructured and semi-structured log files created by a vast array of applications, services and servers to build interactive reporting dashboards.

Some other often underutilised use cases for Kibana include its data visualisation capabilities for security & compliance auditing, sales and marketing, cloud monitoring and APM.

Kibana forms the powerful data visualisation arm of the ELK stack (which also contains Logstash, Elasticsearch & Beats).

While ELK and the Elastic Stack are popular open source tools for log management, business intelligence & cloud monitoring. When it comes to maintaining staging, hosting and upgrading these tools it quickly becomes increasingly difficult when additional services are added to your business’s infrastructure.

This is where the platform can assist in providing ready to launch scalable Kibana as a service, saving your engineers time and money otherwise spent on training and maintenance, instead of deploying code, big data analysis and error resolution.

Why use Kibana As A Service?

Despite the many brilliant data visualisation capabilities of Kibana, often users find that their initial on-premise setup becomes time-consuming and costly to maintain when data inputs grow.

By using our comprehensive logging platform (which includes Kibana as a service as standard), you’ll can eliminate the need to conduct extensive Elastic Stack training, upgrading & maintaining your log management tool affordably.’s robust hosted Logstash pipelines mean that you can enrich your previously unstructured logs with additional fields for structured processing within Elasticsearch and Kibana.

In comparison to logging platforms that use standard SSDs to power their infrastructure, returns results up to 10x faster for queries made through Elasticsearch & Kibana due to our NVMe backed infrastructure. NVME has numerous successful use cases for real-time big data analysis.

Why use Kibana As A Service?

Integrations library

Ingest petabytes of logs within minutes across programming languages and tools you already use with our ready made configuration guides and integration wizards.

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Kibana dashboards

Dashboards For Reporting

Transform your unstructured log data into dynamically updating visualisations that can be shared with key stakeholders with hosted Kibana from

Easily share insights and improve cross team collaboration and company wide visibility of essential operations.

You're in good company

Ringier testimonial

"Shortly after deploying, we were able to show the results and impact. The speed at which we were able to deploy the solution was phenomenal. The ELK stack was providing results from very early on.

We can now better understand our security measures and our network. Our decisions can be made with data to back them up. We have a better understanding of the health of our systems."

IT Security Officer - Ringier

Tail In Real-Time With Enhanced Kibana

Say goodbye to using tail-F with our built in live tailing feature. By effectively tailing logs you can reduce the time it takes to discover errors once code has been deployed. This makes for faster debugging and reduces your mean time to resolution.

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Ensure Compliance and Security Across Your Operations

Make sure your business is GDPR, ISO or HIPPA compliant by bringing together all of your log data in a single centralised logging platform.

Correlate application and security datasets generated by any data source across your organisation including network, servers, containerisation, on-prem infrastructure and more.

Monitor and track risks from within the same platform as the metrics and logs that you already collect with

Compliance and security
built on Open Distro

Open Distro Security

As the platform is built on the open source versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana under Open Distro we can offer both Kibana read only & Dashboard read only roles to our users to improve their internal access controls and cross team collaboration.

The implementation of Open Distro also brings additional fine grained access control for Kibana extending to index level, document level and field level restrictions that can be configured directly from the security settings tab.

Leading Open Distro For Kibana Features:

  • Read-only/Read-write users in Kibana
  • Additional Built In Role Options
  • Document Level Restrictions
  • Index Level Restrictions
  • Field Level Restrictions
  • Multi-tenancy Kibana
  • Kibana Notebooks
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