There is around a 1 in 3 risk of any small to medium business experiencing a cyber security breach in the next year according to the National Cyber Security Centre. The likelihood of suffering a breach only increases as your business grows in size and complexity.

In the event a breach does occur it is necessary to use specialised tools that allow you to identify both the areas of your infrastructure that are most vulnerable and also pinpoint the origins of an attack.

Without knowing what has occurred, what is the impact and what steps need to be taken in order to avoid a repeat of the incident, you’ll leave your operations unsecured and the chances of an attack occuring in the future only increase.

By reviewing logs you can often quickly identify the events leading up to a cyber security incident by simply analysing system security and application events. Log files are created by operating systems, servers, programming tools and third party tools.

Logging made easy from can be set up within minutes to strengthen your organisation’s cyber security, compliance and data protection capabilities. By providing a platform that ensures a unified view of operations via our centralised logging solution we make gathering, parsing and enriching your raw log files for reporting, monitoring and analysis simple, easy and affordable.

logging made easylogging made easy

Logging Made Easy With

Logging made easy allows users to benefit from our end to end logging solution that enables them with a way to gather logs across their business, the functionality to detect attacks as well as the ability to alert on predefined rules to discover issues affecting security, compliance and observability as they occur.

It is essential that your logging made easy (LME) solution provides a visual dashboard for data visualisation and reporting. Without this it will take your cybersecurity and engineering teams much longer to attempt to tail for errors and identify suspicious activity.

Our platform provides a wide variety of dashboards, charts and reporting formats that can be shared with your wider team for cross team collaboration to reduce your time to resolution (TTR).

The platform not only makes centralising logging easier but we also provide cloud monitoring, enterprise log management as well as the vast array of security and data analysis benefits that come with using the open source tools Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) without the costs associated with maintaining these tools on premise.

Go beyond gaining a basic level of events affecting observability, security & compliance with our highly affordable logging solution

Live Tail For Real Time Log Viewing

One of the core benefits of logging made easy is improved visibility of user activity, traffic spikes (often associated with DDoS attacks) and overall events across your entire operating environment.

Our built-in live tail allows you to improve your visibility further and gives you the ability to view logs as they are written by systems in real time via a stream located within Kibana.

Previously users that wished to replicate this function would have to open a terminal window on their device to manually tail log files split out across distributed systems, not centralised in a single real time view.’s live tail also supports colour coding of results for faster identification of recurring patterns for improved spotting of problematic events.

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logging made easylogging made easy
Kibana OverviewKibana Overview

Visualise & Report

Aid the workflow of compliance directors, cyber incident response teams and development teams by using hosted Kibana to transform unstructured logs into responsive reporting dashboards that dynamically update.

By actively reporting on the behaviour of logs you can aid those responsible for incident resolution reducing the time and cost associated with manually investigating an incident at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise level compliance and security logging solutions.

When the dashboard is paired with Hosted Kibana effectively you can bring your organisation towards a unified view of activity across the organisation within a single command centre for viewing logs, metrics and system events.

Our platform also offers scheduled reporting which allows users to generate PDF, PNG and CSV reports that can be sent on a recurring basis due to ourManaged Open Distro service. Additional reporting features available include the ability to set custom headers and footers for further personalisation of reports.

Extensive configuration guides and integrations

We offer our users an advanced list of integrations which include step by step instructions on how to send logs from operating systems, programming languages, servers, cloud platforms and hosting solutions to ELK.

Send logs from Windows, Linux, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and a wide variety of other services in minutes with

By bringing all of your logs and metrics into a single platform you can improve how quickly you are able to locate and trace the origin of errors, critical performance issues and security breaches affecting your system.

Unlike many other platforms, does not charge additional fees for ingesting and processing metric data.

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