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Ship logs from AppHarbor to logstash

Follow this step by step guide to get 'logs' from your system to

Step 1 - Setup

To send us your logs all you need to do is add this endpoint as a logdrain in your appharbor account:

We automatically parse the logs into a structured format for you so all you need to do is analyse them

For more information see the Appharbor site: Log Drains or visit the Logplex HTTP Drains docs on github HTTP Drains

Step 2 - Check for your logs

Now you should view your data:

View my data

If you don't see logs take a look at How to diagnose no data in Stack below for how to diagnose common issues.

Step 3 - how to diagnose no data in Stack

If you don't see data appearing in your Stack after following the steps, visit the Help Centre guide for steps to diagnose no data appearing in your Stack or Chat to support now.

Step 4 - AppHarbor Logging Summary

AppHarbor is a .Net multi-tenant platform used to build code, run unit tests and subsequently passes accepted code for deployment to their scalable cloud hosted platform.

The platform allows developers to spend less time distracted by issues that arise during the deployment process. This makes the day to day workflow of developers faster in order for them to focus on getting back to creating applications and programs.

AppHarbor often requires no additional installation of plugins and custom software to run the majority of .Net applications. If additional add-ons are required AppHarbor also supports these integrations and provides a marketplace for developers to find the programs they need.

The platform also creates log files, AppHarbor logs contain data related to application errors, API changes, load balancer requests, builds and deployment.

AppHarbor allows it’s users to view real-time logs within the platform but is limited to only storing the last 1500 log lines which are automatically overwritten as new entries are created. The platform allows users to store AppHarbor logs affordably in Elasticsearch and Kibana for ongoing analysis, searching and bringing your AppHarbor logs to life in detailed data visualisations.

If you require any additional assistance in analysing your AppHarbor logs we're here to help you get started. Feel free to get in touch by contacting support via live chat and we will be happy to help.

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