Send data via Azure to your Logstash instance provided by


Pull logs from an Azure Event Hub to logstash

Step 1 - Configuration Requirements

This input plugin is only available for ELK stacks running at least version 6.4

You are encouraged to create a separate consumer group specifically for Logstash and not to reuse any default or existing groups.

The input supports multiple event hubs - the connection string can be found under Azure Portal -> Event Hub -> Shared access policies.

example connection string

A blob storage account is used to preserve state across logstash reboots.

example connection string


Step 2 - Start Sending Logs to a Stack

To start sending logs from any Azure Event Hub to your stack you need to setup and apply an Azure input on an available stack. will verify your input before it is applied this should be actioned in less than 24 hours, contact our support team by visiting our dedicated Help Centre or via live chat & we'll be happy to assist.

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