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Amazon ELB Application

Ship logs from ELB Application to logstash

Send Your DataLogsAWSAmazon ELB Application Guide

Follow this step by step guide to start sending data from your system to

Step 1 - Confirm S3 Bucket

Ensure your logs are being sent to an S3 bucket. The following guide from Amazon will help you achieve this if you are not doing this already:

ELB application to s3

Step 2 - Ensure Adequate Bucket Permissions

The following permissions applied to the AWS IAM Policy being used:

  • s3:ListBucket to check if the S3 bucket exists and list objects in it.
  • s3:GetObject to check object metadata and download objects from S3 buckets.

Below is how your permissions should appear:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "SidID",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [

Step 3 - Configure Logstash for Amazon ELB Application

To start sending logs and metrics from AWS to your Stack you need to configure an AWS Input on your Stack.

Go to Dashboard will verify your input before it is applied, we will contact you to confirm when this has been completed.

Step 4 - Check for your logs

Data should now have been sent to your Stack.

View my data

If you don't see logs take a look at How to diagnose no data in Stack below for how to diagnose common issues.

Step 5 - AWS ELB Application Logging Overview

Sending data to from an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Application is an integrated process that empowers organizations to gain valuable insights into their applications' performance and security. By integrating your Amazon ELB Application with, you can effortlessly collect and analyze logs and metrics generated by your ELB instances. For those interested in integrating more of their Amazon log data, you can explore our dedicated integration on Amazon ELB Application (Elastic Load Balancer). Additionally, if you're looking to learn about effective data storage solutions, our Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) integration is a valuable resource, offering information on Amazon's versatile object storage service that pairs with for long-term log storage and archival. These integrations are seamlessly integrated into's AWS logging service.

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