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Ship logs using GELF to Logstash

Configure Gelf logs to automatically send to Logstash & Elasticsearch for further log analysis with our config example below.

Follow this step by step guide to get 'logs' from your system to

Step 1 - Send data to GELF input

No UDP input available! Your stack is missing the required input for this data source Talk to support to add the input

Step 2 - View data

Take a look in your kibana for your message, note UDP doesnt guarantee delivery

Step 3 - Check for your logs

Now you should view your data:

View my data

If you don't see logs take a look at How to diagnose no data in Stack below for how to diagnose common issues.

Step 4 - how to diagnose no data in Stack

If you don't see data appearing in your Stack after following the steps, visit the Help Centre guide for steps to diagnose no data appearing in your Stack or Chat to support now.

Step 5 - GELF Logstash Overview

GELF (also known as Graylog Extended Log Format) is a convenient log format that was originally created to provide an alternative to using Syslog. This was done to close the gap between logging in an unstructured format versus the more easily processable structured logging format.

GELF uses a simple JSON string to send structured log messages and application data. Gelf also assists in combating the additional shortcomings that become apparent when using plain Syslog. As plain Syslog is limited to a length of 1024 bytes there is very little remaining space left for backtraces and other payloads.

Due to its support for structured logging, GELF is highly suitable for custom APM setups. GELF log messages contain the following data fields; host, timestamp, version, long and short messages and also provides support for custom fields that can be configured as required.

If you need any additional assistance in sending GELF logs to Logstash we're here to help, simply get in touch by reaching out to the support team via live chat and we’ll be happy to help you get started with sending logs and application data.

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