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Logstash is an open source, server side component used to centralize the collection of log files from multiple sources. It can then transform the structure of data before shipping to one or more destinations. Logstash is typically used with input, filter, and output plugins to control the flow of the data processing pipeline.

Step 1 - Requirements

  • Valid JSON content
  • API key (find this on your dashboard) sent in the headers
  • You must have logstash installed locally.

Step 2 - Configure Logstash

Configure the Logstash output to ship your logs to Logit via HTTPS

output {
  http {
    url => [""]
    http_method => "put"
    codec => json
    headers => ["ApiKey", "your-api-key", "LogType", "general"]

Step 3 - Sending via TCP/UDP supports sending logs via TCP over SSL and UDP (Not recommended) get in touch with us to discuss this for your stack

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