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By Eleanor Bennett

Case Study

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See how the platform helped give Youredi a more streamlined reporting and data visualisation alternative to using Microsoft’s Power BI in our latest customer case study.

Outside of its BI capabilities, the platform is used throughout Youredi by everyone from their technical teams through to their customer support and professional services department.

Executive Summary

As Youredi were considering adding the capabilities of data visualisation & reporting to their product offering they considered a range of solutions, including self-hosting their own ELK Stack to Microsoft’s Power BI suite of tools.

Discover why they ultimately choose instead of an alternative solution for business intelligence and data analysis in our latest case study.

This case study also serves to highlight how managed ELK is suitable for a wide range of use cases beyond its typical application as an analysis tool for professionals operating as DevOps & development technical leads.

About Youredi

Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.

Youredi enables customers' business scaling and automation through its unified and modern platform for API and EDI transactions. Besides technology, we understand your business.

Youredi's solutions are versatile, secure, reliable, and provided as a fully managed integration service. Youredi enables quick data connectivity and process integration between trading partners of any size. Integrating with ecosystems, carriers, shippers, consignees, and the systems they use, Youredi provides global scale, speed, and agility. A seamless and timely flow of 100% accurate data provides organizations with the ability to analyze and optimize all their supply chain processes.

Youredi operates globally from Helsinki, Finland, and New York City, USA.

For more information, please visit

An Evolving Platform That Wanted To Take Reporting To The Next Level

When Youredi's clients required a reporting solution for visualising their data, they wanted to be able to recommend an external solution that they could rely on. This is where provided an alternative to MS PowerBI as Youredi's CTO explains below:

“Our solution is an integration platform, and our primary service is providing managed integration services for our customers. An integration platform is by nature not a place for storing data, and as such, we did not want to prioritize features that revolve around reporting etc.”

“We have opted to primarily suggest 3rd party services to our customers that require dashboard and reporting solutions. Some customers use MS PowerBI, but for those that do not have a preference we have often suggested going with to fulfil their reporting and data visualisation needs”

“Using managed ELK as the technical solution is an easy choice as it is a widely used stack and fits our needs very well.”

Mats von Weissenberg CTO @ Youredi

Youredi have now used in excess of two years to power their client’s reporting and data visualisation needs.


During implementation, the team at Youredi used their API to feed events to As Youredi themselves are an integration platform this was a simple step for their engineers to complete. Overall they found implementation easy and onboarding to be straightforward.

How is different from other leading BI solutions?

“When compared to Microsoft BI, is more straightforward, as PowerBI relies on a more traditional database that needs to be set up before you can start using it.”

Mats von Weissenberg CTO @ Youredi

Benefits Of Using Managed ELK

After initially considering providing the reporting features of ELK in-house, Youredi decided to use as a POC to see how well using managed ELK would work for their clients.

As the team at Youredi worked well with and found its setup easy to configure and also enjoyed implementing its additional features (such as silence monitoring) their team found significantly more benefits from using managed ELK over a BYO (build your own) deployment.

Due to features like silence monitoring being configured on a separate system to your own you have a much stronger likelihood of improved alert accuracy as if it is your platform that is encountering an issue your internal silence monitor may fail to trigger alerts.

Using Across The Entirety Of Your Business is used company-wide at Youredi for both internal activity monitoring and providing reporting to external clients.

The platform is used throughout Youredi from their technical teams through to their customer support and wider professional services teams, which is another example showing how the platform can be used across a variety of Elasticsearch use cases beyond its typical remit as a tool used by DevOps professionals for improved observability and container monitoring.


Youredi were able to see the benefits of using immediately for the following use cases:

  • Using managed ELK to provide an easy way to search for transactions based on almost any data in the payload (either internally by Youredi, or by their customers).
  • Using managed ELK for customer-facing dashboards
  • Using managed ELK for silence monitoring (so far only internally)

“Internally, has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.”

Mats von Weissenberg CTO @ Youredi

Benefits Overview

✓ Silence monitoring ✓ Fast platform setup ✓ Lightning-fast ELK search ✓ Straight forward onboarding ✓ Highly available infrastructure ✓ Run Stacks in both ELK & OpenDistro ✓ Immediate benefits of ELK without the overheads ✓ Used by everyone from DevOps engineers to Sales professionals ✓ Built on leading open-source technology & lightning fast hardware

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