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On the 14th of January 2021, Elasticsearch B.V. announced that future releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana would be released under a dual license SSPL (Server Side Public License).

As a result of this change it is evident that the components that make up Elasticsearch and Kibana in version 7.11 (and onwards) of the ELK Stack will no longer be considered as open source based upon the Open Source Initiative's requirements for licensing.

The last release of Elasticsearch and Kibana classed as open source is the 7.10 release that is currently being used across newly created Stacks hosted by the platform.

At we are proud to say that our platform is built upon the best features of open source software available for logging, monitoring and analysis. In the interests of our users we’ve been in the process of working with the fork of Elasticsearch OSS (OpenSearch) and Kibana OSS (OpenSearch Dashboards) and features provided by Open Distro for some time. OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards are Apache 2.0 licensed making this solution truly open source.

We are glad to announce that current and future customers of will not be negatively impacted by Elastic’s change in licensing and as a result of our decision to welcome OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards and Open Distro onto the platform, users will continue to benefit from further improvements and features against their Stacks.

We have always been in a position to offer in-place upgrades to users who wish to move from using previous versions of the ELK Stack to our latest offerings free of charge or you can create a new ELK Stack at any time to migrate.

It is worth reiterating that Elasticsearch B.V. changes will not retroactively affect users that wish to maintain their existing Stacks on older versions of ELK, these will be supported indefinitely by our teams and engineers and receive the same high levels of support as those using managed Open Distro.

As always, the team at is committed to supporting our users and we remain focused on providing both excellent support and a constant high availability platform to ensure our customer’s needs are always being exceeded.

If you wish to find out more about how to request a Stack upgrade to Open Distro for Elasticsearch or wish to ask questions about how the licensing change affects Elasticsearch and Kibana, then please feel free to reach out to a member of our support team via live chat or simply email [email protected]

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