Every day, network devices and apps generate millions of lines of log data that require centralising for further analysis and management.

In order to streamline this process and alleviate the burden of sifting through millions of lines of data, it’s now considered best practice to utilize a log viewer as part of a wider centralised logging platform.

Here at Logit, we understand that being able to pinpoint critical log messages is all that may stand between your technicians and catastrophic downtime affecting your infrastructure.

Using the Logit Log viewer, you can directly analyze log content to find problematic error messages and status codes for troubleshooting your systems.

log viewer dashboardlog viewer dashboard

What is a log viewer?

A log viewer is a tool that streamlines the process of reading log files from servers, endpoints, applications, programming languages and cloud computing platforms.

Log viewers provide the first essential step in enabling individuals and teams to parse, transform, centralise, and filter huge log files.

Log data is output by the vast majority of software and tools powering your organisation’s infrastructure.

Beyond simply viewing your logs in Logit, our platform also provides a solution for complete centralisation, analysis, and management of logs.

Why is working with logs challenging?

The majority of log file viewers require installation on individual servers across distributed infrastructure by trained in-house staff. This makes managing rapidly populating logs at scale highly resource-intensive and expensive.

Logit makes use of the open source log management capabilities offered by Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats (also known as the ELK Stack), in order to save your technicians from having to trail errors across distributed servers and environments.

While the ELK Stack is free to use initially, when it comes to configuring and upgrading the software and viewing logs for larger scale operations it can be highly difficult to maintain inline with an organisation’s growing data complexities.

This is why using Logit’s hosted ELK solution gives you the best of both worlds as an enterprise ready log management solution. We also offer seamless upgrades for ELK that you wouldn’t benefit from when building your own Elastic Stack deployment.

log stack showing errors
multistack log viewermultistack log viewer

Log viewing made easy with Logit

Logit’s built in log file reader and viewer forms just a small part of our wider centralised log management platform.

By offering a centralised platform, Logit makes the daily process of data analysis, reporting and alerting on critical performance issues far less tedious, time consuming and expensive. We use Filebeat to make the process of sending your logs seamless, no matter your preferred data source.

Our platform uses lightning fast NVMe SSDs, that make viewing real-time log events and querying your data between 5 to 10x faster than comparable hardware used by other log management providers.

This means you’ll get a near immediate response to your queries, allowing you to make data driven decisions faster in order to protect your infrastructure and future proof your operations.

Relevant Search and Filter

Search and filter logs fast with our powerful query language. Logit uses hosted Logstash for automatic parsing so you can easily view a wide range of log file formats including Node.js, Apache, JSON, HAProxy, Ubuntu and Solaris.

Hosted Elasticsearch makes light work of returning relevant search results and allows you to also use field names for intelligent search.

Logit’s platform also provides support for near matches, fuzzy searches, wildcards and regular expressions, utilising the best of Elasticsearch’s functionality as an extremely powerful search engine.

search and filter with Logstash
Kibana OverviewKibana Overview

Visualise & Report

Logit’s Hosted Kibana makes it easy to transform your centralised logs into dashboards, reports and impressive data visualisations.

These interactive Kibana dashboards can be shared and are ideal for cross team collaboration as well as providing a command-center view of all of the most important events affecting your technology stack.

Having access to this level of reporting is a must for meeting compliance regulations, identifying market trends, observing user behaviour and presenting impressive and dynamically updating reports to key stakeholders.

Extensive configuration guides and integrations

We understand that our users need ready access logs from their favourite tools, services and software As part of our managed service, our log viewer can be easily integrated with the platforms you use daily including but not limited to; Google Cloud (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Send Amazon Web Service (AWS) logs and metrics data including Amazon EBS, EC2, Cloudwatch, S3, Amazon RDS and Amazon VPC flow logs for further analysis and reporting.

Transform and parse Google Cloud logs from Stackdriver, Cloud Compute and Google Storage for cloud and hybrid cloud monitoring with Logit.

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integrations and sources
logging made easylogging made easy

Live Tail For Real Time Log Viewing

Our live tailing feature allows you to view log events as they occur in a single real time stream for enhanced troubleshooting.

This feature also includes colour highlighting for fast pattern identification so that you don’t miss key messages in error, status code or server logs.

Live tailing can be launched through hosted Kibana, simplifying the old process where users had to open a terminal window on their device for manual tailing of log files.

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Log Viewing and Beyond

Viewing logs is just the start of your data analysis and monitoring journey. When it comes to picking the right log management service, you’ll need a platform that can scale with your operations for future digital transformation.

Whether that involves migrating to the cloud, infrastructure monitoring or container monitoring and wider security monitoring, Logit provides all of the tools to take you from simply viewing logs to using them to drive change and modernise your business practises and IT infrastructure.

Go beyond simply viewing your logs and start visualising, reporting, alerting and monitoring your essential tools and software with Logit’s 14 day free trial with no credit card required.

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