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By Eleanor Bennett


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We’re happy to announce that we’ve successfully completed PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Service Provider Certification.

This means that at we are committed to the security of storing, processing and transmitting credit card transactions.

Through frequent assessment and auditing of our policies and processes, as well as internal scans, external penetration testing and regular network scans by an ASV, we are ensuring that we are fully adhering to credit card data compliance and security.

By meeting these high-level regulatory standards for data compliance, is able to prove our dedication to protecting our user’s credit card data. For larger companies, it is beneficial to prioritise working with vendors and service providers who operate in compliance with PCI as this reduces the risk of payment data breaches.

Breaches are more likely to occur when using third party systems that operate outside of PCI compliance.

In addition to being a PCI Service Provider compliant, we also operate in compliance with SOC-2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and are also GDPR ready. If you require a centralised log management platform with industry-leading customer support you can get started with our free full-service trial for 14 days.

If you happen to sign up for our annual plan you’ll also get 20% off your subscription (including metrics management as well as logging).

If you enjoyed this update on our PCI status then why not check out our post on SIEM?

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