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We are happy to announce today that we have launched further improvements to the platform’s alerting and monitoring features.

alerting This latest release of the platform offers our users an improved workflow to assist with their productivity on the platform as well as a more updated intuitive user interface (UI). Existing users of the platform will also notice improvements to the user experience (UX) as running and testing alerts will be noticeably more performant to run than in previous iterations of the platform.

You will also be able to experience further peace of mind when it comes to creating alerts as newly created alerts are now saved immediately as drafts. By offering autosaving as a feature on the alert configuration screen, you will find it easier to collaborate with your team if you wish to hand off alert configuration to another engineer that you are working with. You will also have the choice whether you want to apply new alerts immediately or keep them as a draft for future reference.

If you have many alerts running from a single stack, the new addition of a “last tested” indicator will be a helpful visual reminder to let you know when a test last ran successfully.

alerting two

Our recent alerting improvements have been built with user experience (UX) as a vital consideration of the development process and as a result, we have prioritised the most essential features for alerting and monitoring prominently.

This new release to improve the alerting features of the platform is just one of the many platform upgrades that we are launching this year, with releases such as the addition of hosted OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards having already gone live in recent months.

These enhancements are offered as part of our increased effort to ensure that our users have the features they require to ensure complete analysis and management of their data, no matter if this is event, log, trace or time-series metric data.

As we continuously work to improve the key features of the platform we want you to know that our support team is always here to answer any questions you may have about alerting or monitoring. Feel free to get in touch via live chat, at [email protected] or visit our help centre for more documentation.

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