Elasticsearch. It's the new way to search and analyse data in real-time and in ways that were not previously possible.

But what does this really mean? And what are the benefits for you and your business?

Elasticsearch is the second most popular enterprise search engine. It delivers a scaleable search solution to users ranging from individual bloggers, to small business start-ups and even giants of the digital world, such as Wikipedia and Mozilla.

Elasticsearch enables you to search, analyse, and explore your data in ways you might never have imagined. Here are the top reasons for its popularity:


Let's face it, not everybody is a software pro. But that doesn't necessarily mean you won't want to drill down into the data you have to find the important and relevant insights that can help you grow and develop your business. Elasticsearch can make this possible without needing a computer programming degree or a full IT team at your disposal. You can explore your data with ease, using an instinctive, user-friendly system.

Everything in one place

You don't want to be using one piece of software for searching and another for analytics. Elasticsearch can be used for full-text search, structured search, analytics, and all three together.

It's the combination of these individually useful functions into a single, cohesive application that makes Elasticsearch unique - and popular! It takes away any compatibility issues you might get from using different applications for different functions and is much more enjoyable to use.


In this fast-paced world, you haven't got the time to sit around waiting for the information you need. Elasticsearch performs in near real-time, so you have instant knowledge regarding business performance and your clients at your fingertips.


One of the best things about Elasticsearch is its capacity to grow, along with your business and your data.

Investing in a SaaS ELK stack solution, such as logit.io, with Elasticsearch as one of its key components, means you're investing in simple to use software which has the ability to handle complex data analysis. This leaves you with the time to do what you do best - put your findings into action.