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By Eleanor Bennett


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We are pleased to announce our newly launched dashboard design which we have created to assist cross team collaboration for users that prefer to use multiple Stacks per account.

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We understand that Cybersecurity specialists, Sysadmins, Product owners, developers and CTOs may all have different requirements for using our platform for logs and metrics analysis.

This means that it is often vital that each department can host their own dedicated Stack with custom firewall and Logstash settings as well as alert configurations.

In addition to this many of our users also find it useful to have more than one Stack (or project) for more granular role based access control.

We have also introduced a range of features to make it easier for customers with a large number of Stacks on the platform, you can favourite the Stacks you wish to see first or use the search field to easily find the specific Stack you are looking for, this is all personal to each user of the platform.

By using across a variety of departments you can work to ensure compliance across any role that interacts with data as part of their responsibilities.

This redesign benefits users of both Single Stack & Multi Stack view to empower them with improved visibility of available data sources, recent logs ingested and surfaces a number of key endpoint details for easier setup and settings configuration.

We have also undertaken research to further improve platform user experience (UX) and as a result of our research the main dashboard now displays all of the most popular next steps more prominently.

This means that the actions that the majority of users wish to perform next with their data are now shown from the main dashboard home and includes links to set up alerting rules and Logstash pipelines as well as inviting and managing users.

This new dashboard design is just one of the many platform upgrades that are coming soon as we are currently working on launching a number of significant platform changes this year as well as our first ELK guide.

Have questions or want to give us feedback? Feel free to reach out by contacting the support team by email at [email protected], visiting our help centre or via live chat

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